All right, this is embarrassing, but I’m really excited lately because I made a stupid comment on Roger Ebert’s blog, and he actually replied.  Since losing the ability to speak, Ebert devotes much of his spare time to writing, quite often in the form of his blog, which is not always about movies.  The blog entry I felt compelled to comment on was actually about Lee Greenwood, though that topic led to a general discussion of country music, which it turns out is a favorite genre of Ebert’s.  At that point he mentioned that his favorite singer/songwriter was John Prine, which I of course couldn’t allow to go uncommented upon.  I made a couple dumb comments, kissed his ass a little since I like the guy so much, and named a couple John Prine songs that I really like.  All he does is make extremely brief comments about the songs I referenced, but I confess it completely made my day last Friday.  Click here if you should like to witness the highest degree of fame I will likely ever achieve.  

It’s the fourteenth comment down at the bottom.  I put my last name on it and everything, just in case Roger Ebert wants to look me up in the phone book, and I made sure to link to this blog, so he can check it regularly whenever he’s feeling a little blue. 

Maybe next week Roger Ebert and I can go out for Chinese then visit the children’s science museum!



  1. It’s like when Lynda Barry wrote back to me and told me that I had beautiful handwriting.

  2. I still get unabashedly proud of myself when I think of the time that Bruce Campbell answered me back when I complimented him on his performance in ‘Bubba Ho Tep’. I meant it too.

  3. My heart went pitter patter a little bit! That’s righteous!

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