I’ve been going through some old things and unearthed many a fine drawing for you to reflect upon. I apologize that the images aren’t all that clear but the idea of tweaking them makes me tired and impatient and angry and sad and bored. Click on the little picture to get a big picture!

We’ll start with this wistful scene of a boy and his dog:

New cereals are always exciting:

Lots of various things going on here, with a very fortunate carrot taking center stage:

God knows what I’m blabbing about in that unreadable cursive text, but I definitely see a promising career as a caricaturist for myself:

And finally, I don’t like to toot my own horn or nothin’, but I could probably put this on a coffee mug and do all right:

I’m afraid there are many, many more where these came from.



  1. That would make an fabulous mug. Do it!! Do it!! I want to give one to my boss!

  2. actually, screw my boss- I need like five for my poor husband. That could be him in that picture. All he needs is a derby hat or something.

  3. […] of pop-culture; music, of course; and old comics scrawled in notebooks years ago, like the one posted above. And the ones posted […]

  4. Another pingback! You are the King of Ping! I want to kill myself for typing that just now!

    Sign me up for one of those mugs, too. I’m sure you could set something up through CafePress and actually sell a few.

    Do you still have your Farmer Corn doodle from that (I think) Governor’s placemat years and years ago? Or the boy who likes to climb trees?

  5. butthorn Says:

    I’ve actually been keeping an eye out for the tree-climbing boy one but I haven’t come across it recently. I know it’s around somewhere, though, as it shows up from time to time when I least expect or need it. I’d be surprised if Farmer Corn was still around, but maybe. At any rate, it’s exciting that you’re making requests!

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