Look at these goofy chuckleheads!

Annie’s mom gave us these for Christmas. I’m pretty sure she got them at Rite Aid, because one time we went to the Rite Aid near her house to get deodorant, and they were there. Little did I know they would one day become part of my life. I really hated them at first, but they’ve grown on me. They’re just so stupid. The caffeine’s just kicking in for the blue guy, but I’m guessing the yellow guy finished his approximately 45 minutes ago.

This is a total lost cause, as you can’t remotely read what it says in these cups, but inside the blue mug there’s a little cartoon balloon that says “Time for coffee!”, which I guess is the exciting treat you get for finishing 1/5 of your coffee. If I’m not mistaken, the yellow guy’s balloon says “Crazy for coffee!”. In the end, they’re probably among the top five best Christmas gifts we’ve received from Annie’s mom. Rest assured that I am not exaggerating when I tell you that.

They’re sturdy, the handles leave plenty of wiggle room for my porky digits, and they hold a manly amount of bean sluice. There’s also something to be said for flatware that has a nose. My new favorite aspect of these mugs, however, is the newly discovered fact that they’ve proven to be ideal stars for my new exciting amateur gay mug porn franchise!


Humpa in the dumpa!

No female hot beverage receptacles allowed!

Whew, what a workout! So what are some of your favorite movies? I’ve really been liking early 90’s era Woody Allen lately. I know, isn’t that weird? Everybody’s always all “Annie Hall” this and “Manhattan” that, but I’ll take “Bullets Over Broadway” over those yakfests anyday. I know, I’m just a big weirdo! I can’t help it, I like what I like. I don’t see any reason to pretend otherwise. You gotta be yourself. It’s the most important thing in the world.


12 Responses to “MUG(S) OF THE INFREQUENT WHIM: 4.20.08”

  1. Fav movies… of late, Southland Tales. Less recent, Crash. Is there a buy in on that franchise? gotta get those boys doin it out in the park! lmfao
    Just being me Peace!

  2. You’ve outdone yourself. How will any other mugs compare to those who have shared their pillow talk with your readers?

  3. I know, I’ve set the bar pretty high. Plus I still have to drink out of those horny bastards.

  4. I don’t know if I could ever drink out of that blue guy- he is a fiend!

  5. I may have to discard him.

  6. Emily and I have been working our way through this 50-movie “Sci-Fi Classics” boxed set I bought used for about $15. “Classics” = “old, scratchy and either public domain or so worthlessly awful no one would admit to owning the rights to them by taking the company that released this to court” of course. Fun. Highlights so far include an 80s movie called ‘Blood Tide’ where you get to see JAmes Earl Jones shirtless, drunk, punching a melon, laying plastic explosives, laying a blonde bimbo, and in a wetsuit, sometimes all at once. It was right on the cusp of the last time you’d want to see JEJ shirtless, but he emerged mostly unscathed. The same can’t be said for the mean Kobra Kai karate teacher, who wanters around the same Greek island with his billowy white shirt unbuttoned to his navel the whole time. Ouch. We just watched some ‘Jungle Goddess’-type movie which we attmepted to make fun of in real time on the videoport myspage blog, with mixed results.
    Oh, and I gave up coffee some months ago…now I think I know why…

  7. butthorn Says:

    Exquisite misunderstandings! That Woody Allen movie discussion was actually intended as a caption for the picture of the two gay mugs in bed! It’s their pillow talk! Annie foresaw confusion (“Is that you or the gay mugs talking?” is the kind of question you wait a lifetime for your wife to ask), and she foresaw correctly (although kudos to Sarah M. for somehow discerning my intent)! Next time I have gay mugs talk, I’m using quotation marks and Judy Garland references! But hey, let’s talk about flicks!

    For the record, I’ve never seen “Bullets Over Broadway”, and I don’t lean towards any Woody era in particular. I really like “Zelig” and “Crimes and Misdeameanors!” I should have put the exclamation point outside of the quotes there, but I like the idea of the movie being titled “Crimes and Misdeameanors!” It lends it a kinship to “Going Ape!” that it formerly, and sorely, lacked.

    Phil: I’m extremely curious about “Southland Tales”, because I’ve read nothing but HORRIBLE reviews, and that always intrigues me. It looks insane enough to be thoroughly entertaining. Future pictorials depicting coffee cup sex acts in Old Town Memorial Park don’t look promising, as most of the time the park is already populated with actual, non-coffee-cup people engaging in sex acts, but hey, we’ll see where the day takes us.

    Dennis: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost bought those 50-crap-movies-in-a-box from Walmart. I applaud your dedication to unappealing cinema. I’m pretty intent on viewing everything Martin Kove has ever appeared in (“Steele Justice”, anyone? Anyone?), and James Earl Jones drunkenly battering a melon while having sex, preparing explosives, and snorkeling certainly sweetens an already delectable pot.

  8. yeah…emily saw your intent quite clearly. I, on the other hand, am an idiot. A-derrrrrrrrr.

  9. I just laughed loudly at “A-derrrrrrrrrr” and scared everyone in the office. They probably now know that I’m covertly looking at internet things. It would be difficult to convince them that I’m laughing at an Excel spreadsheet, which are droll at best.

    I always laugh at “derrr”, and have no idea why. There’s a line in the otherwise poor “Another Stakeout” involving “deerrrrr” that practically made me wet myself. And the “A-” you added there made it even more hilarious. Congratulations, Dennis! You’ve improved “deerrrrrr”!

  10. I think my exact words, D, were “Awwwww — pillow talk!”

  11. And don’t underestimate the old standby, “A-doy”.

  12. Hey, we completely missed your birthday, because of how very badly we suck.

    Maybe you should come down for a visit so we can make it up to you.

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