MUG OF THE WEEK 03/25/08!

Because “Mug of the Infrequent Whim” just isn’t that catchy.

Here it is:

It’s Don of the Rockies, everyone! See ya next time!


3 Responses to “MUG OF THE WEEK 03/25/08!”

  1. I like “infrequent whim” it is more consistent with the world I know. Television shows aren’t even that consistent anymore.

  2. geez, more like ‘Don of the Elk’s butthole’…howsabout staring into that while you’re scarfing down your raisin toast in the morning…

  3. butthorn Says:

    I should install a tiny spout in his anus for funsies.

    If only that were the first time I’ve ever written that sentence. Sigh…

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