I amused myself (and likely only myself) by recording this fine tune on Garage Band. I call it “Goo-Goo Beh-Beh”. Please like it.  See that new “snazzy effin” box to the right there, in the sidebar?  I may decide to put low-quality songs in there from time to time.   Probably not very often because I get sick of doing things extremely quickly.

Purportedly, all you have to do put your pointer on the file there, click on the arrow that appears, then download it, should you like to listen to it.  I am just now learning this newfangled technology, so if it doesn’t work I refuse to apologize for my ignorance.  I can no more help being stupid than I can help being devastatingly handsome.


One Response to “NEW SONG: GOO-GOO BEH-BEH”

  1. I took this down. You are not missing a thing.

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