As a Valentine’s Day present to my wife, I am going to refrain from posting pictures of our messy apartment on the Internet tonight. I know this renders your week essentially pointless, but what can ya do? Why not pay some attention to your spouse/significant other? You’ve been ignoring them for weeks now! It’s like your entire relationship is a sham!

So no TNS for you this week, wanny wanny wah wah, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at the…


This is it. The mug of the week. Phil. The Colt Peacemaker.

This is a beautiful mug, in both style and function. Perfectly shaped handle. Ideal volume. Handsomely painted gun, with pleasing burnt orange etchings of cowboy and cattle in the background. This mug has no story behind it. I don’t remember where we got it. I will state that it never remains clean for long. Once its apparent that the cup is clean, and coffee has been brewed, one of us will always make an immediate grab for Phil. And there’s never any malice on the part of the grabber, or jealousy on the part of the grabee. We both know that this is an excellent mug, and with Phil washed and ready for action, it would make no sense whatsoever to spurn it in favor of a lesser mug.

Don’t let the Colt Peacemaker pass you by. If Phil’s clean, fill him with bean. Seize the day, to quote Saul Bellow. And Newsies.

Now go give your succulent lover a sensuous smooch!


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